Safety is a priority at TRANSInternational System. Among other duties our dedicated Safety personnel process driver applications, verify driver qualifications and standards, maintain driver logs and inspections. In light of global conditions we are C-TPAT certified. Maintaining a heightened security awareness at all of our locations.

Additional benefits

Recurring Safety Meetings
Safety Department Monitored Maintenance Files
Company Paid Inspection Program Continued
Company Sponsored Hazardous Material Training for All Hazmat Drivers
Brake Inspection
Program / Training Tire Inspection Program / Training
Company Paid Annual FHWA Inspections
Driver Participation Accident / Incident Review Committee
Fleet Mentor Program Log
Program / Trip Data & Safety Management Inc.
Roadside inspection program, with incentives
Central Terminal Support

We know that it is our customer support that distinguishes us in the industry. To improve our already first class service we have centralized terminal support at our corporate location. This affords you the best possible service in a market that is frequently cutting service. 
Our Mission

Target Striving for excellence in the transportation community, committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect in all interactions with customers, vendors, and associates.
Not Just a Trucking Company, a Full Service Customer Specialist!