Intermodal Containers TRANSInternational System, Inc. has over 46 years of experience in the Intermodal industry specializing in the transportation of general commodities throughout the Midwest and the South East. With terminals strategically located in the Midwest, East, and South, we can service all of your transportation needs.

As a full service transportation company, we are capable of meeting and exceeding all of your drayage and transportation needs. Whether you move one load per year or hundreds we will work with you to assure that your shipments are always handled properly and delivered On Time.

If you need special reporting, tracking and tracing, shipment event alerts, or any other special communications needs, our IT systems are the best in the industry. We are confident we can exceed your expectations.

Realizing the importance of responding to pricing information in a timely manner, we have established an email based process with With an average response time of 5-7 minutes, we are one of the fastest in the industry in responding to your rate inquiries.

Intermodal Services

Competitive Rates
Dispatch 24/7/365 System Wide
EDI Compliant
Hazmat Transport Certified
C-TPAT Certified
Customs Bonded Transportation and Facilities
Fenced, Enclosed and Secure Terminal Locations
Liquor Permits
Cross Border Services -
   Province of Ontario Authority
Interchange Agreements with all UIIA Carriers
Centralized Customer Service

We know that it is our customer service that distinguishes us apart from the rest of the intermodal industry. To improve our already first class service we have centralized our Customer Service Department. This affords you the customer best possible coverage and continuity in a market that is frequented by uncertainty and change.
Not Just a Trucking Company, a Full Service Customer Specialist!